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Dinner and a movie

What to do when you’re out of ideas for a dinner party and hosting one 24 hours after returning from vacation? Call for backup. So, when it was our turn for supper club, I turned to Tinyprints for inspiration and … Continue reading

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Into the deep blue sea

With our limited 7-week-old-baby energy we’re still in limited hosting mode, but pulled it together to have a few friends over for Saturday supper. Testing out wooden plank fish grilling* led to a beachy/ocean themed tablescape, which I was somewhat … Continue reading

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Grilling a good time

Keeping to my favorite dinner plan – making guests cook their own dinner – we tested out making your own pizzas on the grill this weekend. While our previous two DIY attempts (grilled cheese and sliders) were bigger parties, we … Continue reading

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Eat, drink and celebrate

Since we made it one more weekend without baby #2’s arrival, we hosted friends for the last couple of times before we will be heading into hibernation for a little while. We had a lot to celebrate with a couple … Continue reading

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No-fuss-no-muss table

While trying to keep up the socializing, prep for baby and manage being a tired 8+ month preggers lady, something’s gotta give. And for this dinner, it was doing anything super special for the table, and using whatever happened to … Continue reading

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