Thanksgiving picnicking, part 1

When your dishwasher breaks the day before you have a house full of visitors, you say “shoot.” When it also happens to be a few days before Thanksgiving, you say “sh**.” Then you move on and realize it’s just going to have to be a week of paper plates and plastic forks, and that’s a-okay. In fact, it’s a great excuse to avoid cooking, use up the paper wares you’ve stocked up over the years, and totally fill up your compost can.

Getting creative meant trying out various paper-ing themes. One day we played up the Native American side of the Pilgrim/Native American relationship with a little winter wonderland complete with the kids’ handmade, terrifically scrappy teepees and headdresses. Great Paper Source faux bois wrapping paper turned our dining table from actual wood to faux woodgrain (totally confounding the hubby), while laser-cut wooden reindeer and wolves from Crate and Barrel kept guard in the “woods” made of old Anthropologie yarn and glitter trees.

IMG_9156 IMG_9160IMG_9167IMG_9177IMG_9180

And what does it matter anyway, when you have these little turkeys to be thankful for?!


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