Lobster bake. What more is there to say? An end-of-summer work team dinner got kicked up a notch when we decided to make it a lobster bake. It’s pretty fun to get to take over your backyard with 40′ of lobster-primed tables, and it’s super simple. Bibs, mallots, wipes, and crackers are about all you need, so I kept to the basics and just added in some burlap votives and mason jars with garden-plucked white roses (it’s pretty awesome having endless blooms pop up on a weekly basis). And then there was the food. It. was. amazing. All thanks to the most classic of lobster stops, Sam’s Chowder House in Half Moon Bay.

IMG_8969IMG_8960IMG_8953 IMG_8963 IMG_8965  IMG_8967

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1 Response to Lobster.

  1. Lili says:

    So fun! i miss seeing your parties!

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