Moving around

Well, it’s been awhile. I’ll blame it on a move. We may have only gone a few miles down the road, but that was enough to make the summer all about packing, unpacking, and setting up. Designing and decorating a whole new house couldn’t be more fun, but it just can’t happen all at once. I’ve been relying on simple tricks – mainly lots of repeats and lots of patterns – to bring things to life. After the first pass of getting everything out of boxes and into spaces, I’m now doing the better part of organizing, labeling, and matching.

I packed the playroom with a pile of porthole Target Threshold mirrors (sort of like these but no longer made) to keep the girls looking around…lined my office with client logos on some Ikea string frames…perfected the laundry room with some labeling and self-adhesive laminating pouches (who knew you could laminate without the whole machine!)…and that’s about it. But there will be more! Lots more! I’m just enjoying the house too much to actually do anything to it.


At least I’ve had a chance to get the word out. The days of having time to design, print, and produce every paper good are gone – long gone – and have been replaced by the need for cute designs with (virtually) no time required. While I miss the days of hand-lining my envelopes and creating new stationery for each thank you note, Tiny Prints has turned into my new reality. Thank goodness for their awesome designs. I picked up some moving postcards (why both with a card in an envelope), address labels, stamps, and – my personal favorite – new notepads. They make that to-do list of house stuff way more fun. Now if someone could just get rid of the massive trash heap we’ve got going on from part 1 of renovations.


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2 Responses to Moving around

  1. dariakitch says:

    So cute! Love what you did with the kids playroom! Happy settling in!!

  2. Cabby says:

    Congratulations on the house! Love seeing what you’re doing….how organized you are!

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