Be Mine

Who doesn’t love sweet smiles for Valentine’s Day? I love making cards each year for all the girls’ friends, and the best part, of course, is finding the right picture. Our photo shoot this year was a mix of disaster and fun – the wrapped in red ribbon idea didn’t go over too well. Similarly, plans to design the cards and envelopes myself like in the past didn’t happen. Vacation and work got in the way, so I turned back to my favorite new spot for their adorable collection – Tinyprints (both the cards and the address stamps).

For the girls’ contribution, I thought I’d learned my lesson from past ink-on-everything experiences after stamping. So this year I brought the stamps to the bathroom. Stamp then straight to the bath,  good idea, right? Nope. Don’t recommend water near ink. Alas, most cards ended up with a thumb print (or nothing) instead of the full handprint hearts I’d been aiming for. Oh well. At least the girls had fun.

IMG_8163 IMG_8152 IMG_8144


The final result…


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