Falling back into Autumn

Originally, this post read “How is it already October!?” Then I got delayed further, so now it’ll have to “How is it already almost 2014!?” It’s been an all out crazy couple of months around here. Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of the side stuff soon…

I still miss a gorgeous East Coast leaves-changing-brisk-air-sweater-wearing kind of Autumn, it isn’t so bad to still have 80s and sunny and not be drenched come Halloween. (Again, pretend you were reading this around October 15th). At least a little decorating can help make it feel like the season has changed. There’s nothing like Autumn colors, a cornucopia, and some fall fruits. From a dinner party to a wine tasting party, we’re ready to welcome in the new season!

First up, an awesome evening of vino, hosted by the20. We’ve been drinking the20’s awesome boxed – yes, boxed – wine for years now. Scrub out the images of Franzia in your mind, and picture a beautiful wooden cask and truly award winning wines that stay fresh for weeks and weeks, and are cheaper since you don’t deal with the bottling costs. As good, loyal customers (gulp, gulp, chug) the20 offered to do a full wine tasting at our house. I just had to set up the stemware and some nibbles, and the night was a huge, hangover-inducing success. With so many people and so many glasses, I tied little nametags to each glass (a couple per person so they could sample more freely).




IMG_7503 IMG_7504 IMG_7508 IMG_7518 IMG_7522IMG_7527

Next up, a simple fall dinner. There’s nothing too extraordinary about this one, but I do love my bag white cornucopia thanks to West Elm last year. Mix in some fresh pine cones and a few gourds, and it’s a nice, simple fall feast.




IMG_7392 IMG_7399 IMG_7400 IMG_7402

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