Guess whooo’s here? Hadley!

It’s a long time coming, but we finally celebrated our littlest lovebug last weekend with a Sip and See. Hadley had been wanting to meet all our friends, so this little shindig helped introduce her to the world, owl-style.

The original plan was for a really sleek, modern owl theme, but it morphed into something much more rustic when I found two great owl vases and picked up some sticks on the way home from the park one day. With some (a lot) of help from my uber-artistic mom (in town for the weekend), we transformed the branches into moss and yarn covered trees. More owls hung from wreaths throughout the house, though somehow they all managed to face backward into the party the majority of the time.

Food was simple: popcorn and pie. 6 flavors of crunchy goodness in labeled bags. From honey barbecue to jalapeno cheddar to peanut butter chocolate and kettlecorn, the flavors were popping, and the apple and pumpkin pies felt just right for fall. I love the little compostable bowls from World Centric. They were just the right color, and it’s nice to let party trash rot away into something nice for the garden. The “tablecloth” was the same wood grain paper that I love to wrap presents in – so multi-purpose. And for drinks? What else does an owl drink buy Yoo-Hoo, of course?

The whole thing was such fun and both girls were (almost) perfect little birdies the whole time. Hadley showed her feathers with a furry little headband, but by the end of the party she needed to fly back to her nest.

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1 Response to Guess whooo’s here? Hadley!

  1. Suzanna says:

    What a beautiful family! XOXO

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