A prescription for OCD – organizing the medicine cabinet

UPDATE: I’ve embedded the PDF at the bottom of the post for easy downloading. Seems there actually are quite a few of you as obsessive as me.


From past posts, you know I like some good organizing. Labels are my best friend. My closet is rainbow-organized. But here’s where my organization obsession really shows itself: my medicine cabinet. It’s been bothering me for ages. This little wooden container in the closet serves as pill popping central, and it previously was a pile of half empty boxes with pills mixed and matched and outdated. Every time we grabbed a box with the cloudy head of a bad case of congestion, pills would fall out. Plus, I hate searching every side of a box to find the directions and symptoms. So, I finally made myself some little labels and cleaned up the mess. Voila, a really easy to sort through list of symptoms and remedies, all ready to go for this winter’s cold season.

p.s. If you’ve got a little case of OCD yourself, shoot me a note and I can hand over a PDF of the labels.

Click the image below to download the PDF.

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