Bunny hop baby shower

We finally got to celebrate some up and coming little babies last weekend and had so much fun seeing friends and showering them with love. Nothing beats mom-to-be glow and knowing that some little wee bunnies are going to be ready to play soon.

In keeping with the multiplying-like-rabbits theme, everything was fresh, green, and bunny-fied. I didn’t have the perfect tablecloth, but did have three perfect table runners. Ta-da – a new tablecloth was made, kept from sliding off the table by the weight of the green metal chargers, atop often used grayish wicker chargers. (I know, double chargers is a bit much, but it worked). Moss pots from Michael’s mixed with woven pots from Pottery Barn had just the right mix for holding the gerber daisies. Interspersed faux metal (just ceramic) rabbits from Smith & Hawken pulled it all together. And of course, there was assigned seating: I put styrofoam and moss in tiny little pots, then glue-gunned the name cards to the top of bamboo skewers.  (By the way, everything looks a bit more neon green in the photos than the fresh, grassy green it actually was).

And the rabbit food? Well of course it had to come from a garden! I found a great vintage wooden fruit crate on Etsy, filled it with some moss, and then picked out fresh lettuces and carrots from our vegetable garden. Planting pots (from Carter’s sip and see) were put to use holding dips, carrots and cheese straws. The main course was a big cobb salad – great for a mix of carnivores, vegetarians and gluten-allergies – and it was topped off with mini carrot cake cupcakes from Kara’s. Delicious!

Now hurry up and get here little bunnies! We’ve got some kiddos waiting to go hopping around with you!

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3 Responses to Bunny hop baby shower

  1. Lili says:

    this is lovely – would be great for an easter brunch too! and thanks on the cookie caster referral – appreciate it!

  2. Anna says:

    This is absolutely adorable! Thanks for posting!

  3. Robin says:

    Sweet and special, without feeling “overdone.” Thanks again for a lovely gathering!

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