Into the deep blue sea

With our limited 7-week-old-baby energy we’re still in limited hosting mode, but pulled it together to have a few friends over for Saturday supper. Testing out wooden plank fish grilling* led to a beachy/ocean themed tablescape, which I was somewhat surprised to find I had in the closet all ready to go. The great coral tablecloth (love that color!) and amazing ceramic trio of balls centerpiece (sculpted by my mom, I know, pretty impressive!) gave a nice natural texture to the table. I folded the napkins to be like abstract waves, though no one but me ever would have made that association, and made starfish placecards. And that was about it. I’m really working on simplifying this stuff…but it’s hard when you go to bed dreaming about place settings and napkin colors and party themes.

*Note: when the directions say have a squirt bottle near by for flare ups, do it. Seriously. Once the flame starts eating the maple plank and your fish, trying to find something to gently mist water without soaking your meal is a little stressful.

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1 Response to Into the deep blue sea

  1. Collie says:

    Love this!

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