Grilling a good time

Keeping to my favorite dinner plan – making guests cook their own dinner – we tested out making your own pizzas on the grill this weekend. While our previous two DIY attempts (grilled cheese and sliders) were bigger parties, we kept this to just four of us – good thing, as it definitely took more time and and grill space than anticipated. However, it was the perfect meal + activity to be able to catch up with good friends while getting some great grub.

I tried out a modern take on an Italian tablescape, sticking mostly to red and green that I already had in the linen closet. Sur La Table had cute pizza papers à la by-the-slice joints that topped green tin chargers from years back. And one of my favorite red and white tablecloths got recycled yet again.

We set up an array of toppings from veggies to pre-sautéd shrimps. Homemade pizza dough ambitions got traded in for pre-made Trader Joe’s (1-month old baby = less time every day than I expect). After a few rounds, we discovered the key to success was lots of flour. And a pizza stone. This set from Sur La Table did the trick; it claims that the dome on top makes it more similar to a brick oven pizza. In the end, they may not have been the most attractive pizzas, but they really turned out to be pretty tasty, and pretty entertaining for a Saturday night in.

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