My book, your book, our book

Now that we’ve got two(!) little girlies in the house, and the little one already has a closet full of hand-me-downs, I realize we’re in for a lifetime of trying to keep things fair between the two and making sure the younger has some new, special things that are hers. To kick it off in the right direction, I made bookplates to get our growing library organized and each girls’ books identified.

From:                                                                 To:

Since a lot of our board books are already mangled – and the girls are too young to think about who they belong to – I made a joint Carter & Hadley plate for those ones (yes, I will be annoyed with myself for this if we have more kids down the line). For their nicer, older books, each girl has her own plate. Since I’m really into woodgrain patterns these days, I stuck to a very simple design and printed them on Staples sticker paper. We’ll see how well this works out a few years from now…I’m predicting major success or utter sibling rivalry disaster.

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