Beach bachelorette party invitation

A sweet summer bachelorette party at the beach! Who wouldn’t want to go? When a friend asked me to help with an invite for this weekend of frolicking in the sun, vintage postcards immediately came to mind, as did summer pinup girls. After scavenging the web, I found an actual New Jersey shore poster from about the 50’s and recreated most of it, while trying to keep the colors more modern and fresh. The invite itself was a postcard, wrapped in an envelope with a liner that had the couples’ names in a heart. Watch out for this crew in Avalon this weekend – fun times ahead!

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2 Responses to Beach bachelorette party invitation

  1. Lauren Shaw says:

    Hello, I found this on google and it’s lovely! Do you sell your designs? would you be able to customize it and sell me a printable file? It is exactly what I am looking for!

    Please let me know at Thanks!

  2. Megan Brown says:

    Hi there! I love your design for the invitation…would it be possible for you to customize it for purchase? I am having a beach bridal shower for a girlfriend in July (also in NJ!) and your design is the absolute only one I have found that I love.

    I can be reached at


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