Pre-baby organization challenge #5: All the other little things

Project #1: Paint can clean-up, Project #2: Lining up the table linens, Project #3: Marking up the craft boxes, Project #4: Framing moments

Linen closet labels…since it seems to be too difficult for my hubby to figure out where to put things in the linen closet

Ribbon organization…How great are these ribbon storage boxes from Organize It? Admittedly they don’t keep every ribbon perfectly lined up, but they do make it really easy to pull out what you need and keep things generally cleaned up. And for the little pieces that don’t warrant placement in the box, some old ice cream tubs work great.

Spices…So I can actually see what’s in the cabinet without having to move a jar that’s blocking my view.

I think the house is officially all labeled up now with nowhere left to stick a sticker.

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