Pre-baby organization challenge: Marking up the craft boxes

Project #1: Paint can clean-up

Project #2: Lining up the table linens

Project #3: Marking up the craft boxes

From this…                                                             to this…

Now that my little kiddo is getting big and into her creative side – although still finds eating the crafts better than making them – I’ve had one big box of art mess on my hands. Combine that with a surplus of empty wipe boxes that come when buying baby supplies in bulk at Costco, and it’s another simple, cheap and really helpful organization project.

I designed some kid-friendly 3.5″ x 7.5″ labels, printed them on sticker paper (Staples brand is my go-to), sliced them up and stuck them on the boxes. 30 minutes later, mess cleaned up and easy-to-grab supplies ready for home or on-the-go.

Want to get yourself all organized? Here’s a freebie PDF. Just click, print and sort away.

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6 Responses to Pre-baby organization challenge: Marking up the craft boxes

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  3. Janssen says:


    I’m doing a round-up of ideas to reuse wipe containers on Disney Baby and wondered if I could include you. I’d use 1-2 photos with credit and a link back to your post. Would that be okay?


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