Pre-baby organization challenge: Lining up the table linens

Project #1: Paint can clean-up

Project #2: Lining up the table linens

From this…                                                             to this…

Since our guest room is turning into a second nursery, and because we generally need more storage, we decided to dump a rarely used half bath and replace it with some closet space. Not knowing if we’ll later transition it back, we went with a simple Ikea Pax wardrobe that could be easily taken out later, and provided a ton of flexibility in shelving options. Though half the space went to the basics – paper towels, kleenex, etc. – I made sure to keep a few shelves for entertaining: one centralized space for the majority of rarely-used, but well-loved table linens and decorations. What a party throwers dream!

My favorite things….I used pant hangers to make it easy to see tablecloths, and to *hopefully* keep out the wrinkles, since I clearly detest ironing (check out the napkins – that’s a to-do unto itself). There was plenty of room behind the hanging linens to put miscellany that didn’t fit well elsewhere. Big clear boxes with simple labels organized napkin rings, paper napkins, candles, etc. And a drawer made it easy to see stacks of napkins. Finally, a pot lid holder made a great way to vertically hold chargers. (Of course, no closet is ever big enough, so placemats, daily napkins, etc. are still in the kitchen…but it’s a start).

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