Round-the-world in red and blue

This weekend, a friend hosted a shower for a girl who like’s to go round – round-the-world that is. The upcoming honeymoon has about a dozen stops from Europe to Africa to Asia. So it only made sense that the theme be global, packed with travel symbols and colors. This was such a fun invite to celebrate Collie and Justin…a couple you’ll read more about in a few weeks after their wedding (think Cirque du Soleil meets Southern formality). Congrats, Collie!

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2 Responses to Round-the-world in red and blue

  1. Collie Jennings says:

    Loved this!!! You are always so creative and blooming with ideas! Thank you so much for working with Sarah to collectively put together such a wonderful shower theme! Can’t wait until the wedding! Cheers!

  2. These are so fun! Well done 🙂 Congrats to Collie and Justin!!! xoxo

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