Pre-baby organization challenge: Paint can clean-up

Baby girl #2 will be here in under 4 weeks. Since we’re nowhere near ready for this bundle of joy, I stopped working last week to give time to prep. And that means lots of reorg’ing the house, which I totally love. Cleaning out, giving away, throwing in the trash, folding, labeling, boxing up – a great way to spend a day. Everyone feels that way, right?!

I’ve had a list of projects waiting for weeks (months?), so here’s the first of a few posts to come demonstrating how obsessive I am about labeling and organizing, hopefully with some good tips and ideas mixed in.

Project #1: Paint can clean-up

From this…                                                             to this…

Who doesn’t have a garage or cabinet full of 3/4 empty paint cans, all of which are years old? Since moving into our house and basically repainting everything, we’ve been collecting one gallon after the next, always intending to save them for touch-ups. Of course, we’ve never once actually gone back to use them.  Perfect organization challenge!

This is clearly no rocket science, but I typed up some simple labels and printed them on sticker paper. There were two sets per paint color: one for a popsicle/craft stick, the other for a 10 oz. mason jar. Each label listed the room where the paint color is used, the name/type of paint, and the place where it was purchased. Then I just stirred up the big cans (they all had settled and separated from time outside), poured enough into the mason jars for little touch-ups, and dipped the sticks for easy transport if I ever want to bring them to a store to compare the color to fabrics, artwork, furniture…whatever.

Ta-da! From a cabinet full of junk outside to a shoebox in the closet of easily accessible paints in under thirty minutes.

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2 Responses to Pre-baby organization challenge: Paint can clean-up

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  2. Lindsey says:

    Love this! I will add to my task list and hopefully tackle next weekend!

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