Flashback: Sweet & salty engagement party

A couple years ago, two of our favorite people got engaged and we knew we wanted to throw a party to celebrate this amazing duo. Without going into too the details, we decided to go with a “sweet and salty” theme – by sweet I mean over-the-top, saccharine, sugary extreme because these guys are so into each other, and by salty I mean spice it up with some inappropriate entertainment via a guest-led comedy hour.

To set the tone, the invite tried to get at the sweet/salty combo, but first it had to take advantage of his and her names – Michael and Jordan. Once past the Air Jordan reference, the invite gave the details, instructions on the comedy hour, and had a little taste of the goodness to come with an envelope of sweet stuff: gum.

At the night itself, the desert table was pretty sickeningly sweet. Every detail was pink, sugary and personalized, and yes, purposefully tacky. I love the “Get in Here” heart poster – a 20×200 find (no longer sold) that later went into a nursery room.

A smaller side table had the salty stuff. In this room guests later shared their favorite raunchy jokes, making for quite the entertaining night.

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