Flashback: Love in red and white

In six weeks our friends Helen & Ryan are getting hitched down in Figi. Since baby #2 is due the same week, we’re sadly missing out on this definitely cool location and couple. But at least we got to celebrate with them last spring when the wedding planning was just beginning. We found out the exciting news just a day or two before a scheduled catch-up dinner, but wanted to celebrate them somehow.

I kept it super simple with red and white (how great are those red butterfly plates we got as a wedding present and rarely put to use). The circle cutout on the plates had congratulatory messages + the dinner menu. I had seen the great hanging heartson Etsy, but didn’t have time to order them, so copied the the look with some red craft paper and hung them on a string with helen & ryan cutouts. And that was about it – just enough to make it a festive dinner, but perfectly simple for a backyard bbq.

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1 Response to Flashback: Love in red and white

  1. lili says:

    Love the round menu card idea!

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