A monstrous mash for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th isn’t exactly the biggest “holiday” to celebrate, but after not getting to see enough of friends and their kiddos recently, I decided to put together a mini shindig/happy hour for a few moms and their munchkins. Since that time of the day can be a witching hour for many, and in honor of the 13th, I went with a (happy) monster theme.

Although a bit over the top for a playdate, since I don’t get to do them very often, I sent out invites. (Invites and decorations available in the shop.)

The weather around here is usually spectacular, gorgeous, warm and sunny this time of year, but we’ve had a funky streak of wetness recently, so everything had to stay indoors. Spritz (Target’s cheap and cheery party line) balls hung from the ceiling at kid height, perfect for pouncing on. I grabbed other rainy day activities from pinterest, of course. There were good old fashioned cereal necklaces, squishy paint bags on the windows, and velcro popsicle sticks. All SUPER easy and very cheap to make.

Snacks for the kiddos were simple and colorful – mini cupcakes, fruit and cheese kabobs (on straws vs. skewers to prevent any accidental punctures) and goldfish; moms had their own mini bar waiting.

It really was a great little afternoon affair, and no mini monsters made any appearances.

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