Party-in-a-box: Birthday bug

Last summer I got to help a good friend celebrate her adorable daughter’s first birthday. This kiddo, Quinn, is affectionately called Quinny Bug by her parents, and the party was going to be outside at a park, so we went with a playful bug theme to pull it together.

I unfortunately couldn’t make it to the shindig itself, so this literally was a party-in-a-box where everything got mailed a few days before. (Luckily the birthday girl’s mom, Christa, took piles of pics of the great job she did setting everything up!)

Grasshoppers and ants and ladybugs and flies were mingled with the blue/green palette. Christa mixed the paper goods with some amazing touches she thought up – farmers’ market berry baskets…reused as flower pots; blue and green icing on the cupcakes; adorable Etsy-found bug cookies. This party was seriously hopping. I just love how low key and fun it seems – so in tune with celebrating a first birthday.

And how absolutely adorable are those pink cheeks! Quinn is the cutest little bugger around – and she’s dressed to the nines (or ones!) in her great Blue Whale Boutique birthday shirt.

Want to throw your own hopping party? Check out the printables.

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