Southern feast

Growing up in Virginia, the formality of a traditional table has definitely stuck with me. So, when we decided that this month’s supper club would be a good ole Southern feast, I was excited to pull out the crisp white linens, silver monogrammed napkin rings, and basically all the other wedding gifts I never get to put to use. However, when seating 12 with both leaves in the table, having a tablecloth that’s long enough and is hard to come by. So, I improvised, and here’s what happened. (Note: Printables available in the shop.)

Monogramming just about everything is key in the South, so after picking the pink and green color palette, I designed a few different lattice patterns to use as placecards, napkin/silverware holders and coasters. Each was customized for our guests.

Because our fully extended table didn’t fit my existing linens, I used green and pink/white ribbons to create a lattice pattern on the table. This couldn’t have been easier and cheaper and really created a fun effect. Plus the ribbon is all reusable. Ribbon Factory is one of my staples for keeping my gift wrapping shelf stocked full with beautiful ribbons at really good prices, especially when you buy in bulk.

A traditional silver candelabra added height and polished silver to the table, and mason jars kept the lattice texture going for water glasses. The placemat-sized doilies had been sitting in a box for ages, so I was glad to finally put those to use as well.

All in another amazing dinner, with great friends and one tuckered out, adorable visiting little lovebug! Plus the added benefit of incredibly good food like shrimp and grits (my favorite recipe is Paula Deen’s), biscuits (strange but true – KFC has a great recipe), pulled pork sandwiches, green bean casserole. And really easy clean up.

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2 Responses to Southern feast

  1. Sarah says:

    A great night and even better company. And if course the gracious hosts outdid themselves 🙂

  2. Lili says:

    this is amazing!

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