Flashback: Scoop it

**Printables now available in the shop**

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. Ice cream and toppings and candies to choose among, that what’s good times taste like.

This ice-cream sundae baby shower was so much fun to pull together for my friend Caitlin last fall. Since it was her second babe, she wanted a small, low key affair, which turned into an ice cream and movie night. Decorations were basically confined to the sundae bar itself, making for really easy set up.

I printed out ice cream scoops with girly phrases and propped them inside sugar cones. Sprinkle-covered cone wraps were cute and helped stabilize the cones from falling over since they were pretty light without actual ice cream. Pincushion cupcakes (reused from a supper club) helped push the sweets to the extreme.

And the rest was very self-explanatory: Scoop it, Sprinkle it, Candy it, Top it. The directions were simple cone designs I propped in upside down cones. All in all a really sweet night honoring this amazing mom and her (now born) wonderful daughter.

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1 Response to Flashback: Scoop it

  1. Super cute printables. I love how you used the ice cream cones to hold them. Great party!

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