Where was the party this weekend? Up in Carter’s house. Our cutie turned one this weekend, and in the process danced, frolicked, and played in a pink, peek-a-boo land. Here’s the step-by-step view…starting with the mantel. We did a pre-party photo shoot and used the pictures (duotoned pink in photoshop) to add some of Carter’s personality throughout the house.

The front door set the scene – piles of tulle everywhere. Tulle was super cheap from Joann’s Fabric and, although it made everything way more girly and ballet-themed then originally planned, it fit the bill. A few shades created a pretty ombre effect from a distance.

Keeping with the peek-a-boo theme, all of the food was hidden. Boxes, bags and sacks kept everything labeled but unseen…and even better, this meant built-in plates and not a single tray to clean up afterwards.

Wondering where the cake is? It seemed a bit much for this kiddo, so we went with a Krispy Kreme tower. Since she was overwhelmed and exhausted by the party itself, we actually ended up waiting until later in the afternoon to serve it up – she was a skeptical fan. She was also skeptical of her hair barrette, but I couldn’t resist making her something to wear that matched the party.

As for other little touches, tabletops were all covered in brown paper with peek-a-boo holes and Carter hidden inside.

What seemed like miles of tulle criss-crossed the ceiling every which way. I just ripped strips of the fabric and tied it around ribbons, then pushpinned it to the ceiling.

More Carter photos lined the windows (am I bit obsessed with this girl?). Since she was born, I’ve taken a picture of her every Monday with a calendar page of the date. It was pretty amazing to look at all of them together and see her progression from bump-on-a-log to twisty-turvy-kiddo.

And finally, for the older boys and girls, we had a mask making table (stickers, crayons, fabric, etc. were inside each bag) and DIY surprise balls (idea stolen from this great tutorial on Not Martha). The kids loved unwinding and unwinding the balls, and then decorating themselves in the crepe paper.

My personal favorite touch – the bathroom sign.

And that’s it! We ended with all the signs of a successful party – confetti on the floor; food almost all gone, drinks everywhere. Can’t wait to do it again next year – ballet theme maybe?!

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7 Responses to Peek-a-boo!

  1. Carlin Morris says:

    What a wonderful party. Carter is so pretty in pink! Happy Birthday!

  2. Sarah says:

    Omg-you are just too much. I have always thought you were incredibly talented but I am seriously blown away by your creativity with this one. It is just too cute – and it looks like you had so much fun doing it. Happy 1st bday to Carter and congrats on making the first year as a mom! Xoxo

  3. sabien Vreeman says:

    Hey Katherine, this looks amazing, very inspiring (and a bit intimidating). I love reading other moms’ blogs so I’ll be around! Take care, Sabien

  4. Jen says:

    I can truly say that Carter and the party decorations were even more adorable in person!

  5. Amanda Smith says:

    This is such an adorable party, I am in the process of planning my god-daughter’s 1st birthday and this is giving me tons of inspiration. I love your style, too cute!


  6. lili says:

    oh my – this is adorable and such a fun theme~

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