Kiddo number #2 is on the way, so to let our friends in on the big reveal, we hosted our supper club for a Surprise theme night. Everyone’s dinner contribution had to have an unexpected ingredient, which everyone guessed about later in the night.

It was a simple, time-constrained table spread, but a couple small touches got the idea across. Girl or boy name cards were growing out of (fake) grass in front of everyone’s seat. I sewed bow or bowtie cut-outs to ribbons to make napkin rings. And question mark playing cards let guests fill out their guesses about the ingredients on the back.

The winner got a box filled with *pink* candies – yes, it’s another girl!

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4 Responses to Surprise!

  1. Kerrie says:

    You are too cute. Your “simple-time-constrainted” table decorations and little game would’ve taken me a week to put together. Best Entertainer Award goes to KATHERINE!!! And hip hip hooray for another girl…. love that Cartter will have a sister in her life! Every girl needs a sister! XO

  2. Brooke N says:

    Did you make that gender reveal card? It is adorable! Do you have the template available?

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