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For the first Valentine’s with a kiddo in the house, and one who finally is into (or at least curious about) getting into her creative side, we attempted to share the Valentine tidings with some simple crafting.

Step 1: Ink her up – an extra big ink pad was helpful since her aim wasn’t always accurate. She was very curious about the black stuff on her arm. (Be sure to keep a binky in the mouth.)

Step 2: Hand to paper. Definitely easier to bring the paper to her hand than her hand to the paper. The second way ended up with curled fists and unsuccessful attempts to pry open those little fingers.

Step 3: Pull out some pretty wax paper envelopes bought on sale years ago and stuffed away in the someday-these-will-be-useful box. Design a simple sticker address label. I loved that the heart and handprint showed through the back, but the label gave some structure to the envelope for mailing purposes.

Step 4: Admire (and maybe try to eat) the pretty results. A few wet wipes later and we were all done. Happy *Hearts* day!

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2 Responses to Spread the love

  1. Sarah says:

    Easy, fun idea. Love the handprints.

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