A rockin’ and boppin’ 2nd birthday sock hop

One of our little ones hit the big 2-year mark – unbelievable! To cap off the week’s celebrations, we held a 50’s style sock hop at a local diner. Though decorations were sparse per the Creamery’s request, we still managed to get everyone in celebration mode with mass quantities of milkshakes, accessories (sunglasses, bead necklaces, and, of course, bobby socks), and an amazing home sewn poodle skirt for the birthday girl. Between the sugar, the sandwiches, the balloon animals, and the 50’s soundtrack, it was total 2-year old awesome chaos.

The details: the invite was a record, decorations stuck to a checkered pattern and poodle. Activities included coloring in poodles, dancing, tearing apart balloon animals, and chomping down on grilled cheese, hot dogs, pb&js, blts and milkshakes. Perfect for a tiny TWO!


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Liking a simple table for LOVE day

To keep the focus on spending time with my real loves, and not my love of decorating, Valentine’s is simple and modern. Who says red, orange and pink can’t go together?

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Cheers to 2013

Just a fun little start to the year with a breakfast of blowers and hats. All pieces grabbed from kitchen shelves and closet boxes – including the New Year’s headbands, bought on sale after ringing in the new year last year. Champagne glasses made for great vases and for the flowery fringe of the blowers. We’ve had a heck of a 2012 and can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

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Twenty-four trees, one holiday, two ways

We doubled up on the holidays this year, first with real-Christmas as a foursome, then with post-Christmas with lots of fun in-laws. To make for a quick table transformation, the key was doubling up on the centerpiece. Lots and lots and lots of vintage bottle brush trees spruced up the table (pun intended). For the kiddo morning celebration, we stuck with brights – lots of modern reds, greens and spots. For the evening adult affair, things turned more classic with the traditional Spode tree plates and a deeper color palette. Oh Christmas night!

And for the larger, adult-heavy group, something a bit more sophisticated…

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How to throw the best birthday party ever

How-to-throw-the-best-birthday-party-ever, otherwise known as less-is-more. I turned a year older recently, and my husband turned the brownie-points a notch higher by pulling off the best, low key, fun birthday party I’ve had in years. Talk about showing how you don’t need to decorate much to have a good party, he made one trip to Target (with both girls) for some streamers, a banner and some balloons, then sent me off for a manicure while he set up. When I got back, he had cookie dough and sprinkles at the ready (for kids to decorate), friends at the house and a just-starting-to-talk daughter helping with the Happy Birthday song. A pretty awesome recipe for a really good party.

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One starry brunch

With two amazing little bundles of joy in our household, we thank our lucky stars everyday that they’re part of our lives and that we’ve got such amazing friends and family to help guide them in the right direction (or at least keep their heads from hitting the hard wood too roughly while throwing tantrums on the kitchen floor – yes, we’ve hit the terrible two’s a little early). And since we’re not the most religious folks, but do have strong thoughts on the values we want to raise these kiddos with, we put together a little shindig to officially put those ideas to paper. Hadley and Carter’s great godparents joined for a starry-themed brunch with bright colors and dancing cows and lots of quirky stars on sticks.

The gold-ish tablecloth and definitely gold chargers were a nice backdrop to bright colored napkins. Bud vases held up the nursery-rhyme-esque stars and pot-bellied cows. Our family creed was the centerpiece.

I loved putting together these bright paper stars that hung over the table. Something fun to look up at really makes a simple table look more festive.

So even if the girls were pretty/completely unaware of what was going on, it was a nice little moment for our little family that’s full of lots of love. And hopefully the girls will live up to at least some of our wishes for them, like the (least) important one of wanting to get their nails done with me.

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Guess whooo’s here? Hadley!

It’s a long time coming, but we finally celebrated our littlest lovebug last weekend with a Sip and See. Hadley had been wanting to meet all our friends, so this little shindig helped introduce her to the world, owl-style.

The original plan was for a really sleek, modern owl theme, but it morphed into something much more rustic when I found two great owl vases and picked up some sticks on the way home from the park one day. With some (a lot) of help from my uber-artistic mom (in town for the weekend), we transformed the branches into moss and yarn covered trees. More owls hung from wreaths throughout the house, though somehow they all managed to face backward into the party the majority of the time.

Food was simple: popcorn and pie. 6 flavors of crunchy goodness in labeled bags. From honey barbecue to jalapeno cheddar to peanut butter chocolate and kettlecorn, the flavors were popping, and the apple and pumpkin pies felt just right for fall. I love the little compostable bowls from World Centric. They were just the right color, and it’s nice to let party trash rot away into something nice for the garden. The “tablecloth” was the same wood grain paper that I love to wrap presents in – so multi-purpose. And for drinks? What else does an owl drink buy Yoo-Hoo, of course?

The whole thing was such fun and both girls were (almost) perfect little birdies the whole time. Hadley showed her feathers with a furry little headband, but by the end of the party she needed to fly back to her nest.

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