Partying at the park

When tiny little Hadley turned one we couldn’t believe how fast the year had gone! How is this happy girl already a year old? Since she doesn’t really have her own friends yet, her party was really about catching up with our friends, so I just went with a picnic in the park, supplying lunches for everyone, a few crafts for kids, and lots of time to relax.

IMG_7119IMG_7176IMG_7104 IMG_7106 IMG_7107  IMG_7111    IMG_7117  IMG_7120  IMG_7123 IMG_7124  IMG_7127 IMG_7128 IMG_7130 IMG_7131  IMG_7136    IMG_7151

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Taking over the toys

We know I like labels, and these ones are not only keeping our closets and drawers way cleaner, but the kiddos love them too. After a few too many times shoving everything into random drawers and wasting time looking for missing pieces, I decided to clean up the toy mess. Now, Carter grabs one box at a time, plays, puts the pieces back, and then gets another. Luckily she’s got a little of the OCD organization gene in her, so she actually loves cleaning up as much as me.


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Coming Soon(er than I Can Believe!): Picnic 1st Birthday Party

How is my baby almost one?! Though she’s definitely gotten a good dose of second-kid treatment her and there, we’re throwing her a big ole bash to celebrate this milestone. Though the actual details have a big ways to go, at least the invites are out the door.

It’s a picnic party, so to get guests set, they got fully prepped with plate, napkin and woodenware. The invite gave all the info – and gave me a major break from the typical cutting and pasting and crafting of a party invite. I just designed the stamp and got it made at this great online custom stamp company. And the mini tablecloth inside each box? Just a paper napkin cut to fit. Easy as pie…and now onto the menu planning.





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Dinner in black and white


About as simple as it comes…black and white and black and white.

IMG_6815 IMG_6816 IMG_6817

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Simply green

I fell in love with these totally kooky green flowers and knew they had to be the centerpiece of a casual dinner with friends. And moreover, they’re still alive two weeks later. What matches something this funky? An equally bizarre neon-ish tablecloth, my favorite bug-inspired dishes that never match anything, and some random namecards. All in, a mixed up mess that was a lot of fun with some fresh spring foods: roasted red pepper soup, asparagus salad, chicken with prunes and olives, and good old fashioned banana pudding.


IMG_6761 IMG_6768

IMG_6770 IMG_6769  IMG_6767

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A rockin’ and boppin’ 2nd birthday sock hop

One of our little ones hit the big 2-year mark – unbelievable! To cap off the week’s celebrations, we held a 50’s style sock hop at a local diner. Though decorations were sparse per the Creamery’s request, we still managed to get everyone in celebration mode with mass quantities of milkshakes, accessories (sunglasses, bead necklaces, and, of course, bobby socks), and an amazing home sewn poodle skirt for the birthday girl. Between the sugar, the sandwiches, the balloon animals, and the 50’s soundtrack, it was total 2-year old awesome chaos.

The details: the invite was a record, decorations stuck to a checkered pattern and poodle. Activities included coloring in poodles, dancing, tearing apart balloon animals, and chomping down on grilled cheese, hot dogs, pb&js, blts and milkshakes. Perfect for a tiny TWO!


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Liking a simple table for LOVE day

To keep the focus on spending time with my real loves, and not my love of decorating, Valentine’s is simple and modern. Who says red, orange and pink can’t go together?

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